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Alister Wilson

Alister Wilson

Alister Wilson, Director Strategic Futures, has 20 years’ experience working with central and devolved administrations to to support teams develop and practice foresight. Alister is a skilled facilitator and process designer who works closely with clients to build a detailed understanding of their requirement and to develop a customised approach to meeting it. He is particularly experienced in designing and supporting multi-stakeholder processes and in utilising futures techniques to build agreement on policy and delivery priorities.

See Alister's CV here.

Patrick Harris

Patrick Harris 

Patrick Harris is a Senior Associate of Waverley and Director Foresight for Future Agenda, an open source think tank and strategic advisory which operates the world's leading global open foresight initiative. Patrick has extensive cross sector experience in innovation, strategy and foresight and works with organisations to help them identify emerging opportunities and to make more informed strategic decisions. He is particularly skilled in helping clients to see the future in a new light. Patrick is the founder of thoughtengine and was previously Director of Creaticity at Orange and Director of the Futures Company.

See Patrick's CV here.

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Simon Hooton

Simon Hooton 

Simon Hooton, Senior Associate, has over 30 years’ experience of producing strategies and plans for governments, companies, charities and regional agencies. He is particularly insightful in horizon scanning and is experienced at working with senior teams to help them characterise and understand the future impacts of drivers of change and to identify how to adapt to secure future success. Simon focusses on economic development, sustainability and climate change and is the Director of Ash Futures.

See Simon's CV here.

Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell 

 Jennifer Russell, Senior Associate, is an expert researcher, analyst and problem solver who works across a range of sectors and who consequently brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to projects. She is particularly experienced in working in complex areas with a large number of diverse stakeholders and in supporting them to explore options and reach agreement on the way forwards. Her approach is underpinned by strong analytical research and reasoning. Jennifer’s clients include UK Government, local authorities, nondepartmental organisations, universities and third and private sector organisations.

See Jennifer's CV here.

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