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We help our clients...


Few businesses, agencies or government departments today find themselves operating in a stable environment.  Instead, they face constant change and uncertainty.  Understanding the trends and drivers shaping the long term development of markets is essential for organisations that want to anticipate change and adapt to sustain success in the future.


We work with our clients to help them identify what's driving change and to understand what it means for their current and future ambitions.




Scenarios are stories that explore alternative ways that markets might develop in the future. Organisations use them to test their strategic priorities and to rehearse operational decisions that need to be made now and in the future. The scenario process is a particularly effective way to engage a wide range of stakeholders in strategic conversation about the choices and decisions facing the organisation.


We help our clients develop scenarios that make sense of the complex dynamics and uncertainties in the marketplace. We then work with them to explore what the scenarios mean for delivering and sustaining long term success.



Turning futures thinking into current action is not always straightforward. Leaders and decision makers may know what needs to be done, but managing the transition can be challenging. Some parts of the organisation may not believe that change is necessary and may be slow to act; others may not have the skills or tools they need to operate differently and may have to acquire them before they can move forwards.

We help our clients plan for and implement the change they need to secure long term competitive advantage.

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