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Why did the horse cross the road?

Today began with a bike ride. It's hilly around here - really quite hilly, actually - and the roads are beautiful:

There are a lot of cyclists around and particularly a lot of older male cyclists. Which is great - nice to see the lads out and about.

One of the things I particularly like about the roads here is that the biggest danger isn't cars, it's horses. Yes, actual wild horses that graze on the common land. They have a lot of attitude and keep on wandering into the road in front of cars and bikes just to let us humans know who's boss:

This year, I've also noticed the sheep doing the same thing. They are mental, though - they sit in the middle of the road and put their faith in drivers to miss them. Today, I came down a hill rather fast, turned a corner and found myself approaching a black ram who was standing in the middle of the road side on. He just stared at me and didn't move at all. Luckily, I have impressive bike handling skills and was able to squeeze through the narrow gap behind him. I swear he farted as I went by.

Back at the house, we got the gear together and headed off to the beach again. Another beautiful day:

Ruaridh, of course, looks effortlessly cool in a wetsuit:

The beach was beautiful as always and, since the schools are still in here, pretty quiet.

After surfing (I know, you want pictures, right?) we headed back to the cottage and lit a barbecue in the back garden. I'm really sorry about the grass. It'll grow back soon.

The moon rose and, in the distance, we watched a stunt plane stunting about. It was doing loop-the-loops. What a great end to the day.

[EDIT: The bastard midges were doing cock-a-hoops. They'd discovered my legs, as I found out next morning...].

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